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Digital WOOF!

Hi, My name is Pippa and I am leader of the Peppy Pups! I suffer from Canine Epilepsy, don’t worry my pawrents look after me. Canine Epilepsy is the leading neurological disease in dogs! Bet you didn’t know that! My pawrents made me a bunch of Peppy Pup friends and are donating 75% of profits to Canine Epilepsy Research, the rest of it is going into looking after me.

What is a Peppy Pup?

Peppy Pups NFT Collection

Peppy Pups is a collection of NFT puppers.

Say hello to a few below! Some of Pippa’s favourites!





Pippa will be releasing all of her friends out into the wild blockchain to bring joy and make a change in dog health very soon

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